WBA College Preparation Program

Walbeck Baseball Academy's College Preparation Program (CPP), was founded on the belief that all high school baseball players can achieve the next level with proper training and guidance.  


To further these beliefs, WBA has assembled a unique blend of academic and athletic trainers, coaches and advisers to provide athletes with the training, education, resources and encouragement they need to advance from high school level baseball to college baseball.

WBA Standout Players

Former WBA students or players:


Andrew Susac, Jesuit HS- 2009 Drafted by Philadelphia Phillies 16th round, 2010 Oregon State, 2011 Drafted by San Francisco Giants 2nd round, 2014 MLB San Fransico Giants Catcher


Craig Meredith, Jesuit HS- 2010 University of Oregon


Matt Davidson, Jesuit HS- 2011 Holy Cross


Tommy Lininger, Bella Vista HS- 2012 Allan Hancock College, 2014 Abilene Christian University


David Dellaserra, Bella Vista HS- 2013 St. Mary's College


Austin Hagarty, Woodcreek HS- 2013 Willamette University


Ryan Locke, Bella Vista HS- 2013 Sacramento State University


Quentin Moore, Valley Christian Academy- 2013 Eastern Nazarene College


Joe Williams, Jesuit HS- 2013 American River College


Josh Adams, Pleasant Grove HS- 2014 UC Santa Barbara


Garrett Crook,  Burleson, TX. Centennial HS- 2014 North Central Texas College, 2015 Texas Wesleyan University


Travis Magness, Granite Bay HS- 2014 Linfield College


Mike Phelan, Bella Vista HS- 2014 Sierra College


Ryan Rosa, Granite Bay HS- 2014 Cal Poly


Jeremiah Moore, Valley Christian Academy- 2015 Sacramento State University


Dylan Spezia, Woodcreek HS- 2015 Sacramento State University


Brad Galisatus, Bella Vista HS- 2015 Feather River College


Brayden Gomez, Bella Vista HS- 2015 Abilene Christian College


Rickey Ramirez, River Valley HS- 2015 Fresno State University



WBA College Prep Teams

College Prep Teams

College Prep Program Objectives

CPP is designed to accomplish the following objectives:


1.    Offer high school age players high level competition that provides exposure to college coaches and recruiters.

2.    Educate and prepare high school age players and their parents to the college recruiting process.

3.    Teach, counsel and instruct players in both their academic and athletic pursuits.

4.    Promote the athlete to college coaches and recruiters, coinciding with the athlete's academic and athletic ability.


How CPP will achieve these objectives:


1.    Players will receive extensive training, coaching and instruction in all areas of the game from the WBA College Prep staff.

2.    Players selected to play for one of our teams will play in 35-45 high level competition games and tournaments selected by WBA College Prep Staff to ensure maximum exposure to college coaches and recruiters.

3.    Players and parents will receive academic counseling, athletic counseling and extensive education in the college recruiting process from WBA staff.

4.    Players will have access to our vast network of college coaches and recruiters to help find that "right fit" for all athletes. Each College Prep Academy member will be provided with edited video, and a web site.  We will have set dates for a "video shoot" that showcases player's tools.  A professional videographer will film and edit each player's video that will then be uploaded to SportsForce recruiting.

College Prep Academy Membership

 Walbeck Baseball Academy 
College Prep Academy Membership Includes:
      1. Workouts
  • The College Prep Academy Membership includes either 2 or 4 workouts per month, with no roll-overs.
  • All workouts are available to enroll on our website with predetermined instructors, days, times, locations, and activities. Each workout slot is available for enrollment on a first come first serve basis. Enrolled students are not responsible for filling any other slots, other than their own, and if only one player is enrolled, the workout is live.

       2.  Website Presence

  • The College Prep Academy Membership also includes the Starter Package provided by renown college recruitment system, SportsForceonline.com. The Starter Package, (a $295 value) includes:
    • College Recruiting Assessment & Roadmap. Imagine having a personalized recruiting assessment game plan, and roadmap provided to you and your child, to give your whole family the confidence to know exactly where your child stands and what to do moving forward. The SportsForce Starter Package also includes:
      • 30 minute consultation call
      • Scholarship Assessment
      • College Target List Evaluation
      • Access to NCAA Database

       3.  Professional Recruiting Video

  • Each member will receive one professionally shot and edited video to showcase their skills to college coaches. This video will be uploaded to the SportsForce website.

        4. Discounts on private lessons and packages.


        5. Opportunity to play on one of our College Prep Academy Teams.




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