About Walbeck Baseball Academy

Walbeck, Land Park Pony All Stars, 1983
Walbeck, Land Park Pony All Stars, 1983

Walbeck Baseball Academy offers players a variety of training options to satisfy every need, goal and budget. We treat each player as an individual with unique abilities and learning styles, thereby customizing training accordingly. Whether you want Private Training Sessions,  to participate in Group Events or Clinics that will accelerate you to the next level, or to play for one of our teams—WBA has the Option for You!

WBA welcomes students ages 5 and up, supporting all skill levels—from players just starting out who need to learn the fundamentals of baseball such as batting, throwing and fielding mechanics—to more advanced players who want to considerably improve techniques and help you excel in the sport.


Players can get as little or as much instruction as they need to fulfill their immediate needs and long term goals, and for the serious ball player who wants to hit it Out-of-the-Park—alternating Private Instruction with Group Events and Clinics is a highly effective way to rapidly improve skills.


Our WBA Field Teams and Competitive Teams offer a stable and cohesive environment for parents and players alike. 


WBA instructors and coaches encourage students to play the game One Pitch at a Time,” because each pitch creates a new situation and subsequent reaction. Players learn to focus on the task at hand, staying present and prepared at all times. Students not only learn the athleticism of baseball, but also discover the mental game or “game within the game,” a component as essential as the physical game, but often overlooked—even by the pros!


"Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical"

—Yogi Berra

Innovative Coaching Method

WBA respects the boundaries and personal space of student players by limiting direct contact through the use of alignment rods, a highly effective technique personally developed by Coach Walbeck.


The alignment rod enables Coach Walbeck to maintain a distance that achieves an accurate perspective, while properly positioning the player for success. This method is well received by students and proven to save time, thereby giving your child more quantity, along with the quality of coaching.

Family Dynamic

Matt with his son, Luke, enjoying final season of the former Yankee Stadium, 2008
Matt with his son, Luke, enjoying final season of the former Yankee Stadium, 2008

Baseball Srengthens the Family Dynamic

through a Mutual Appreciation and Love of the Game


Because dads, moms, or other role models are typically present during their sons / daughter's training sessions, they too will benefit from Coach Walbeck’s professional background, learning the proper techniques to effectively assist players in at-home practice and advance them in the sport. In essence, a different relationship evolves, one strengthened by the bonds of baseball.

Thanks for the catching lesson yesterday. Jacob really enjoyed it, he learned more in 30 minutes then he has in 6 years of playing... We are going online and booking a package. See you soon!
Doris Elias
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WBA has been an amazing addition to my son's skill development, and even more so, his attitude and confidence.
Erin Healey Griffin
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I just wanted to let you know that I hit great in my tournament. I had a lot of fun and didn't think about a single thing. Thanks for making the game fun for me again. I'm looking forward to improving even more. I'll see you soon!
Scott Saylor
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Our family's experience with Coach Matt is one we are happy to share with others. We look forward to watching our sons continue to grow both in their baseball skills and in their appreciation and love for the game.
Mike & Darsy Arburn
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The first thing you said to Jordan was "How are your grades?" Tells me you are more than just about baseball. I don't know what you said to him about being tired, but yesterday was his best attitude I have seen.
David Yu
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I just wanted to thank you for helping my swing. 2 days ago I had my last regular season game. I used the pitch-hit method and I went 3-3 with a double and a RBI...thank you for fixing my swing mechanics, but not only that. You tried to find new approaches to my mental side.
Drew (student)
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I wanted to thank you for the few months I trained with you before my sophomore baseball season started. I have worked with many hitting coaches and what you taught me in a short time was amazing. I am really comfortable at the plate and have more power, balance and consistent contact with the ball than I ever had. I led the team in RBIs, HITS, DOUBLES, SLUGGING, OBP and HOME RUNS.
Jake Sola
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Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You taught me much more than just how to catch. You taught me to catch correctly and how to overcome certain situations on and off the field.
Garrett Crook
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My 8 year old has been working with Coach Walbeck for several months; the results have been phenomenal! His hitting, fielding and throwing now seem so natural and effortless. He has improved more since we started than in the years before, which is a testament to Matt, whose knowledge is vast and his attitude and enthusiasm is infectious.
Michael Terry
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I just wanted to share with you that after we got home last night Miles plopped down on the couch and said, "I love my new swing!" He was so pumped saying how effortless it felt and how much fun he had. He was just so happy, and today after school he couldn't wait to get into the cage and practice his new stuff.
Cynthia Edwards
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